Christian Beck
Architecture for Raccoons

Architecture for Raccoons


I am a software engineer and software architect who has already worked in a number of places and experienced many different software systems of various degrees of complexity and of various amounts of cruft - but mostly much cruft. Before that i was a scholar of theoretical computer sciences and a neuroscientist.

My experiences in the software industry shaped me and gave me some intuitive understanding about the nature of software development. My personal believe is, that software development is at its core very easy, but somehow we as an industry manage to make it way more complicated at each opportunity we get. So you will often encounter me struggling with systems that are supposed to be easy.

About this blog

I like to share some of my thoughts, just for the purpose of sharing and writing. To me this endeavor not much more than a exercise to build a routine in writing understandable texts about complicated topics. Getting better at this helps me write documentations about software and architecture, which is to a degree part of my professional live.

The topics of this blog are manifold. There is not just one big theme that everything groups around. It is more like a collection of various thoughts and accumulated knowledge that i think is interesting at the time of writing. So don't expect anything, except that it somehow relates to software development and software architecture.